Conditions for entry

  1. Exhibitors must submit their entry information to the school science fair coordinator before last date (Check date here). The entries (maximum 20 per school) must be made through the Entry Form on the Science Fair web site before 11:59pm.
  2. General enquires or requests for permission to use dangerous chemicals (see Rule 9 below) should be addressed to the Chairman using the contact form on this web site.
  3. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor(s) only. Advice may be sought from any source and special components (eg, transformers, glassware etc,) may be purchased. The major construction must, however, be your own. The Judges will give credit for simplicity of design and ingenuity. Exhibits containing a high proportion of purchased components will not necessarily be considered favourably.
  4. Competitors should prepare their exhibit on a stand, as a complete, self-contained unit. No parts may be attached to tables or walls or floor.
  5. The base of the exhibit may not exceed 1.200 x .750 metres.
  6. Competitors must be ready to install their exhibit in the position allocated as instructed at registration on set-up day. The prize giving will be on Saturday August 29 at 1:00pm. Your entry will need to be removed promptly after the prize giving.
  7. Each exhibit must be labelled by the competitor with the competition number and the brief description title (as on the entry form). A brief explanation of the object of the project is to be attached in a prominent place. This should also state which part of the exhibit or of the work done was completed by someone other than the exhibitor(s) or was purchased. Exhibitors are requested to check carefully not only the spelling of anything they write, but also the accuracy of their statements. Both types of error will be taken into account by the Judges. All explanations should be in bold lettering, legible from say, one and a half to two metres away. (Competition numbers will be supplied at the Fair).
  8. An exhibit that has been awarded a prize may not be re-entered in any subsequent Science Fair.
  9. Competitors must abide by the rules of the competition.