Criteria for Judging

Scientific Thought; Understanding (30 Points)

The exhibit demonstrates clear scientific thought, the application of appropriate scientific methods, an appreciation of the need for accuracy in observation, measurement, data collection and reporting; and an understanding of the underlying or related scientific principles embraced within the project.

Technical; Graphic Skill (15 Points)

The project has been assembled with skill and dexterity, equipment, models and the frame of the project have been well constructed; graphic materials have been carefully prepared and presented, living plants and animals have been well cared for, working parts are reliable; and the whole is well planned and neatly finished.

Originality (25 Points)

In the selection of a topic or statement of the problem, uniqueness of approach, resourcefulness in obtaining and interpreting data, ingenious use of illustrative objects, inventive apparatus, insight conclusions, or inspired applications of the principles, process or product.

Thoroughness; Effort (15 Points)

The work which has gone into a Science Fair project is reflected in the scope of the topic, the scale of the investigation, the detail obtained, the extent of the results, the repetition of the experiments, the construction of the project and its illustrative items, written material and other displays.

Presentation (15 Points)

The exhibit is well designed and developed to be attractive, visually interesting, informative on all aspects of the investigation, well illus­trated with photographs, models, specimens or samples; and with wide public appeal.